Decathlon Membership Project


Registration Notes

Privacy Policy

  1. What information Decathlon collects?
  2. How Decathlon uses my personal information ?
  3. Will Decathlon share my personal information with third party ?
  4. How could I access or amend my personal information ?
  5. How could I choose to receive promotion materials ?
  6. How Decathlon uses cookies ?
  7. How to contact Decathlon ?

Membership Registration

  1. Membership registration qualifications
  2. Approaches for registering as a member
  3. VIP service for registered member
  4. Information filling
  5. Account no., password and safety of registered member

Membership Card Regulations

  1. Rights to members
  2. Rules for member loyalty points
  3. Electronic discount coupon
  4. Losses and/or theft of membership cards
  5. Change or termination of membership project
  6. Cancel of membership qualification

Notes for Shopping on Decathlon Official Website

  1. Shopping Terms
  2. Messages, comments and other information submitted by members
  3. Website safety
  4. Intellectual property

Members’ Obligations and Responsibilities

  1. General rules
  2. Member’s obligations
  3. Criminal liability


Dispute resolution

Registration Notes

This membership card service is launched by Decathlon S.A. Before you register for a membership on Decathlon official website, please read this agreement carefully. Your registration for Decathlon membership indicates that you have carefully read, and completely agree all terms and conditions contained in this membership agreement. We reserve our rights to amend this membership card agreement from time to time, and our rights to explain the application, examination and approval of membership to the extent permitted by laws. If we amend any content of this agreement, we will publish amendment notice on our relevant website, and such amended content shall become effective as of the publishing day. If a member violates the terms or conditions of this membership agreement, Decathlon shall have right to suspend or terminate his/her membership card benefit, or cancel his/her membership card. If you have any question, please contact our customer service staff. If you deem that it is necessary, you may also apply for canceling your membership card.

Privacy Policy

Please carefully read our privacy policy in order to understand our practices. Decathlon attaches great value to customers, and respects customers’ privacy. We will collect your personal information through Decathlon retail shops and official website, for the purpose of enhancing your purchase experience and communicating with you about Decathlon products, services, prize event and promotion event. Based upon this policy, we may share your personal information with third parties who provide services on behalf of Decathlon, or provide products or services together with Decathlon as our cooperative partners.

If Decathlon amends its way of collecting or using personal information, it will publish its amended policy on Decathlon official website. You may check the amended date on the top of this page, in order to find out whether this policy has been amended or not.

When you register for membership and agree with Decathlon membership agreement, you have already agreed with us to collect, dispose, use and share your personal information based upon this policy. All terms contained in this policy shall be treated as an inseparable part of the membership agreement.

If you have any question regarding this policy, please contact us by using the contact information under this title of “How to contact Decathlon”.

1. What information Decathlon collects ?

When you visit Decathlon official website and purchase products on line, or visit our retail shop and purchase products within our shop, or when you save your personal information on Decathlon official website, contact us to solve problems, participate into prize event, promotional event or survey, Decathlon or other third party service providers may use Google Analytics and/or other tools to collect the following contents of your personal information: name, email address, post address, telephone number, gender, birthday, personal hobbies, etc. Decathlon will record down the products at which you are interested, and products you purchased on line or purchased in Decathlon retail shops. We may put all such information together with your personal information provided by Decathlon’s joint operation partners, other third parties, or other brands owned by Decathlon.

Under certain circumstances, if you do not provide your personal information, you may not fully enjoy all functions of Decathlon membership project. For instance, if you have not provided your personal information completely, we may not handle your order or delivery issues.

2. How Decathlon uses my personal information?

  • Decathlon or third party service providers may use your personal information to handle and process your order, including sending email to you, asking confirmation of your purchase order and delivery status.
  • Contact you by email, post mail, telephone, text message or other means, send information concerning Decathlon products, services, prize sales and promotion events, unless you have already instructed Decathlon not to send any promotional materials to you;
  • Guide and complete Decathlon’s prize sales activities and other promotional events;
  • Help Decathlon to understand more about your purchase preference.
  • Help us to solve problems concerning the design of Decathlon official website, products or service, and make improvement;
  • Enhance your purchase experience;
  • Analyze trend and calculate data bases;
  • Protect the safety and integrity of Decathlon official website and business;
  • Contact you when it is necessary;
  • You may choose not to receive promotional information or not answer promotion telephone call.

3. Whether Decathlon will share my personal information with third parties?

Personal information to be collected for this membership project will be collected by computer under current law system. Information collected will be used by Decathlon only, for the sole purpose of handling Decathlon membership project. Without consent of members, Decathlon will not disclose member’s personal information to third party company (except the third party company whom Decathlon entrusts to send Decathlon sales or product information to members).

Under the following circumstances, Decathlon may share your personal information with third parties:

  • Decathlon may share your personal information with domestic or foreign affiliated companies of Decathlon group.
  • We may share your personal information with suppliers who manage Decathlon’s customer information and provide services on behalf of Decathlon (for example, operating and maintaining e-commerce website, completing promotion events, sending information to customers, conducting survey or sending products). Decathlon does not authorize these service providers to use your personal information out of the usage scope descried under “How Decathlon uses my personal information” or disclose your personal information.
  • When Decathlon jointly provides products or services with another company, or carries out prize sales activities or promotion events, we may share your personal information. In order to satisfy the requirements of laws or regulations, or respond under effective court summon, order to governmental request, or in order to protect Decathlon or other party’s interests, and based upon good faith principle, Decathlon may share your personal information (if necessary).
  • If Decathlon or any part of its business has been sold or been acquired, all customers’ personal information or other information collected by Decathlon under this policy, will be treated as a part of the commercial assets to be transferred.

4. How could I access or amend my personal information?

You may check and amend your personal information kept by you in Decathlon members’ data (such as name and contact information). If you need to access your personal information, you may use your member’s ID and password to log in your account, or go to any store’s reception desk with your membership card. After that, you may edit your personal information in the data of your account. If you need any help, you may contact us by sending email to

5. How could I choose to receive promotion materials?

We will contact you only when you are willing to receive Decathlon’s promotion information. If you are not willing to receive such promotion information (such as information concerning special discount or promotion event), you may click unsubscribe button in the email. Please note that if you our purchase products on line, we will use email to confirm status of your order and status of delivery. We may also contact you by phone, email or by post mail regarding relevant question or information of your order.

6. How Decathlon uses cookies?

Our website uses “cookies”-when you visit our website, small sized digital documents will be put on your computer. Cookies will facilitate you to purchase products on our website. In addition, cookies have other functions, which could enhance or personalize your online navigating experience or purchase experience. For example, we may use cookies to help you to use certain website functions, remember the merchandise items in your purchase cart, remember your preferences, so when you visit Decathlon official website again, the website may identify you, follow your orders, and monitor and maintain the information of you for visiting Decathlon website. (Please refer to “whether Decathlon will share my personal information with other third parties”).

You may change the setting of your explorer, not accepting cookies, or require being notified when cookies are sent to your computer, in order that you could decide whether accept such cookies or not. However, if you choose not to accept cookies, you could not visit your personal information in your account on Decathlon official website, nor could you purchase products from Decathlon website.

7. How to contact Decathlon?

If you have any question regarding Decathlon’s privacy policy, or you want to know how to receive Decathlon’s promotion materials, please send email to, or dial our customer service hotline 4009-109-109 to contact us.

Membership Registration

1. Membership Registration Qualifications

Registration membership of this project shall be nature person who is qualified for signing contract legally binding upon both parties subject to applicable laws (hereinafter referred to as “Cardholder” or “Membership”). This project is not applicable to following entities: corporation entity, any enterprises and institutions or social groups. If you are less than 18 years old, you could register as a member of Decathlon official website with the participation of your parents and guardian. On the premises that aforementioned provisions are not restricted, we will not provide service for Decathlon registration members who are temporarily / permanently suspended. Please register after you have carefully read this membership agreement and keep your membership account in a proper manner, such account shall not be transferred or sold to other parties.

2. Approaches for registering as a member

Each nature person member could join Decathlon Membership Project through following approaches and obtain Decathlon membership card:

  • Members could go to any Decathlon store equipped with automatic card application machine terminal with the service of “My card” and fill in electronic format online, complete the registration. The card will come into effect dated as of registration date.
  • or scan Wechat two-dimensional code showed in store, follow Decathlon official Wechat and register as a member following the prompts.
  • or directly register membership card on the official website of Decathlon.

2.2 Once the membership is successfully registered, member will be connected to the stores or official website chosen by him/her. A member could choose to change the connected stores if he/she moves or new store which is closer to his/her home opens.

3. VIP service for registered member

3.1 Decathlon will not charge any fees for membership card; membership card is exclusively enjoyed by the member himself/herself.

3.2 Members will be provided with following VIP service after registering in Decathlon membership project:

  • Decathlon decides to recall one item of products sold by Decathlon as proxy and/or issue notice concerning recalling one item of products due to any quality or security reasons, Decathlon will personally notify each member who has registered in membership card project in the form of email, or ordinary express, or telephone unilaterally (because each consumption by members will be recorded on the membership card). If a member suffers losses incurred by failure to receive such notices due to his/her failure to update his/her overdue information, Decathlon will be exempted from such results.
  • If members pay for products by using membership card, they do not need to provide receipt when return or change such products.

3.3 The purchase with membership card under Decathlon China membership project shall be valid in the following scope:

  • Decathlon stores established in various large cities of mainland China by Decathlon (hereinafter referred to as “Stores”).
  • Decathlon official website (hereinafter referred to as “Official website”).

4. Information filling

Membership registration shall undertake that all information filled in formats are completely accurate and shall be liable for false, incomplete and overdue information. If any personal information registered on Decathlon official website changes, please update timely. Registration members is able to agree or disagree to receive emails, messages and letters sent by Decathlon official website or cooperative partners of Decathlon official website. Personal information submitted by registration members are subject to protection of our privacy policies.

5. Account No., password and safety of registration membership

Once you successfully register for registration membership, you will obtain one password and account. You shall assume all liabilities in case that you could not preserve your own account and password. In addition, each registration member shall be fully liable for all activities and accidents. You could change your passwords according to instruction at any time, or contact with CHC to end the old account and reregister a new account. If you find any illegal usage of registration membership account or security hole, please notify Decathlon official website.

Membership Card Regulations

1. Membership card holder shall enjoy following rights in accordance with provisions and conditions:

  • Accumulate membership loyalty points, loyalty points will automatically redeem electronic discount ticket;
  • Receive promotion information and invitation for activities held by Decathlon based on the intent of members;
  • Aforementioned VIP service. (please refer to aforesaid part of membership card service)

Decathlon membership card could not be used as payment tool.

2. Rules for member loyalty points

2.1 Calculation and accumulation of loyalty points

2.1.1 How to accumulate loyalty points after consumer’s consumption:

Shopping in physical stores, members show membership card before checkout counter after membership card holders consume in aforesaid stores.
Purchase products on official website.

2.1.2 Consumption amount will not be calculated into loyalty points before membership registration unless the members enjoy the service of “supplement purchase record”

2.1.3 Supplement purchase record service refer to that consumption amount will still be calculated into account in the circumstance that one does not show membership card or has not registered as a member for each member with Decathlon membership card. This service will be only effective within 30 days and consumption could be only conducted by member himself/ herself. Meanwhile, this service will be restricted in frequency (twice/ per card/ per natural year) as we provide this service in order to make up for losses suffered by members incurred by forgetting showing membership card occasionally.

2.1.4 According to aforementioned conditions, the member could show purchase receipt before service counter in a physical store when necessary or login in Decathlon official website to proceed.

2.1.5 Loyalty points do not include full or partial gift cards, coupons and discount electronic vouchers. Consumption with giveaway will not be calculated into loyalty points.

2.1.6 If one product is returned, then membership loyalty points will be deducted accordingly pursuant to then points of the products.

2.1.7 As to each purchase record, RMB 1 is equal to 1 point.

2.1.8 When members obtain 1000 points membership loyalty points, such loyalty points will be redeemed electronic discount ticket equal to RMB 10 (as to details, please refer to following instruction provisions concerning electronic discount tickets hereunder).

2.2 Check loyalty points

2.2.1 Membership card holder could check loyalty points at any time:

  • Inquire at service counter of closest store with your membership card.
  • Receipt will show the loyalty points as of previous day after each purchase.
  • Check online after login in official website.
  • Directly check through binding Wechat account.

2.2.2 Membership loyalty points of each member are not valuable on market (unless such loyalty points has been redeemed electronic discount ticket), therefore, loyalty points are forbidden to transferred to any third party, whether such third party own Decathlon membership card or not.

2.3 Effective term of loyalty points

2.3.1 On premises that a member consumes once at least annual year, including purchase on physical store (show membership card when checkout), loyalty points of such member will be permanently effective til the end of Decathlon membership project. Otherwise, loyalty points of members will automatically expire after one year dated from non-consumption record.

2.3.2 Loyalty points will be automatically deducted and blanked out after redeeming discount ticket.

2.3.3 Loyalty points will not be returned in any form (cash, certificate, gift card) after being blanked out.

2.3.4 All effective loyalty points of membership card will be activated, and will be continuously effective as long as the membership card contains at least one purchase within one year.

3. Electronic discount coupon

3.1 Principal

Based on conditions specified in article 2.1, a member will receive loyalty points for each consumption. Such loyalty points could automatically redeem electronic discount coupon (hereinafter referred to as “electronic coupon”). Such discount coupon could be obtained through following approaches:

  • Members will receive electronic coupon via email (namely electronic discount coupon referred hereunder), or directly checked on the account of binding Wechat. Such coupons will be effective in the stated stores (could not be used in official website at present).
  • Loyalty points could be calculated into membership card dated from the first consumption in store. (membership card shall be showed or the telephone No. for registration shall be provided at a counter)

3.2 Usage conditions

  • Electronic coupon will be sent to a member’s email within three to five working days and will be effective within 9 months as of sending date.
  • Electronic coupon could be used in all stores and on official website at present.
  • Even in the circumstance that electronic coupon is lost or being stolen, electronic coupon could not be transferred, reimbursed, exchanged or sold.
  • If show the electronic coupon contain the barcode, it could be used by times.

4. Losses and/or theft of membership card

4.1 If lost or being stolen of the Decathlon membership card, membership card holder shall notify Decathlon via aforesaid approaches as soon as possible. Such card will be canceled and you could apply for a new card.

4.2 All loyalty points and other discount in the card will be preserved.

5. Change or termination of membership project

5.1 Decathlon membership card will be permanently effective during membership project effective period. (article 2.3 is applicable to effective period of loyalty points).

5.2 Decathlon is entitled to change or terminate loyalty system at any time and does not need to compensate for members. If a member objects any service provisions or raise objection to following revision of clause, or dissatisfies service provided by Decathlon, a member could exercise following rights:

  • Do not purchase products on Decathlon store or website or use service provided by Decathlon;
  • Notify Decathlon and quit from membership project.

5.3 Decathlon preserve the rights to revise rules of loyalty points receiving, and does not need to prove its decision and compensate for members.

5.4 Aforementioned use provisions and conditions could be revised by Decathlon without prior notification. Members shall accept all the revisions. Therefore, we suggest that you could inquire in the closest store regularly.

5.5 After the end of registration membership service, stores and Decathlon official website is entitled to immediately terminate membership project service provided by Decathlon. Since then, registered members will not enjoy any rights any longer, stores and Decathlon official website has no obligations to transfer any un-disposed information or uncompleted service to registered member or a third party.

6. Cancel of membership qualification

Registered members will be canceled with following behaviors:

  • Violate registration clauses;
  • Provide false personal information;
  • Registered members’ behaviors cause adverse effect to Decathlon official website’s benefits;
  • Violate laws, regulations of PRC or provisions concerning Internet;
  • Sell or auction registration membership account and conduct other behaviors that transact registration member account as products;
  • Lend, transfer registration membership account to other registered members, and conduct other behaviors that improperly exercise membership rights;
  • Obtain registration membership account through stealing passwords, fraud and other devious approaches;
  • Repeatedly or materially use abuse, insult and other indelicate words in messages or comments.

Notes for Shopping on Decathlon Official Website

1. Shopping Terms

The following terms shall be observed when you use your registration account to shop on Decathlon official website:

1.1 Decathlon official website shall display the colors of the products as precisely as possible; Decathlon shall not be responsible for the color deviation due to the differences of computer displayers or personal visual senses.

1.2 The prices and availabilities of the products will be indicated on the website. The price of each product displayed on the website has included VAT (whose tax rate is adopted according to the laws and regulations of PRC). Fees for delivery and trade collection charges (occur when Cash on delivery service in selected) will be calculated separately. Such information may be altered from time to time and notice thereof may not be informed.

1.3 The prices, statements and advertisements on Decathlon website shall not be deemed as offers. There is no contract between you and Decathlon before Decathlon official website accepts your orders. Decathlon is eligible to withdraw such information or terminate the transaction unilaterally on the circumstances that Decathlon has found obvious mistakes of the products displayed and orders or the products are out of stock. Decathlon reserves the rights to limit the amount of products each member can order. Such limitation may include orders from one and the same registration account or one and the same delivery address. Decathlon reserves the rights to limit or prohibit the orders from distributors or wholesalers according to our judgement or “malicious orders”.

1.4 After your orders are confirmed by Decathlon, Decathlon shall contact you by emails or calls when the prices are changed incurred by unexpected circumstances such as the suppliers raise the prices, the taxes change or the errors on the website, and you can decide whether you shall cancel the orders.

1.5 If you shop on Decathlon website, you shall be responsible to the information provided in your orders. Once an order is placed, which indicates that you have accepted all the sale conditions in the description of the products (such sale conditions shall not violate this agreement and the laws and regulations of PRC), and you are obliged to complete the transaction with Decathlon official website (except those transactions are prohibited by the laws and regulations or this agreement). If an order cannot be confirmed or be delivered due to the errors or incompetence of the information you provide, Decathlon shall not take such responsibility. If you refuse to complete the transaction with Decathlon website with no justified reasons and with viciousness, for example, refuse to take the delivery with viciousness, Decathlon reserves the rights to refuse to deliver products this time and hereafter.

1.6 If there is a national or industrial standard, the quality of the products shall comply with national or industrial standards; if there isn’t any national or industrial standard, the quality shall comply with the enterprise standard formulated by the manufacture; if there is no enterprise standard, the quality shall be confirmed by our members and Decathlon official website. Whereas the quality of the products does not comply with standards, members may request the exchange or return and refund. Refund, return and exchange: more will be found in Refund, Return and Exchange Policy.

2. Messages, comments and other information submitted by members

Members shall not publish the following expressions on Decathlon official website:

  • those that violate the basic disciplines of Constitution Law, incite, resist or destroy the implementation of the Constitution and laws and regulations; those that incite the subversion of state dictatorship and the socialism system, incite, split the country and destroy the unity of the country; those that damage the awards and interests of the country; those that incite the hate, discrimination of nations and destroy the unity of nations; those contents include the discrimination of nations, gender, religion or area etc.; those that fabricate or distort facts, deliberately spread rumors or inciting disturbances of public order in other ways; those that advocate feudal superstition, heresy, obscenity, porn, gambling, violence, murdering, terrorism, instigate others to commit crimes; publicly insult others or fabricate facts to slander others or commit other malicious assaults; those that damage the credit of administrations; other expressions that violate Constitution and laws and regulations.

  • Members shall not quarrel, insult, slander, use uncivil and assaulting words and expressions towards other members and the Decathlon website.

  • Without the consent of Decathlon official website, members shall not publish any advertisements on Decathlon official website no matter in what forms.

  • Decathlon official website is eligible to delete such messages and comments and other messages and comments which Decathlon official website considers as inappropriate.

  • The words and expressions published by members of the Decathlon official website only represent the authors’ own opinions and does not represent the stand of Decathlon’s standpoint.

3. Website Safety

You hereby agree, without the prior written consent of Decathlon website, you will not use any robots, spider software, spam software or other automatic methods to login the website. Meanwhile, you hereby agree that you will never engage in following behaviors:

  • Any behaviors that cause or may cause unreasonable or inappropriate heavy load (Decathlon is eligible to define discretionarily) to Decathlon official website.

  • Without prior written consent of Decathlon official website, any torts that make duplication, copy, modify, make derivative products, distribute or publicly exhibit etc. of any contents on Decathlon official website.

  • Any behaviors that disturb or try to disturb the work or activities of Decathlon official website.

  • Any behaviors that use prohibited or might be prohibited words or expressions on Decathlon official website.

  • Any behaviors that use bad data to Decathlon official website, including any virus, Trojan Horse, worm, time bomb, Cancelbots, Easter egg, spy software, other computer software etc. that might damage, modify, delete, affect negatively, capture secretly, access without authorization or commandeer of any system, data or personal documents.

4. Intellectual Property

4.1 The forms, logos, header of website, button images, words, service names etc. marks on the Decathlon official website are the properties of Decathlon official website and shall be protected by intellectual property laws of PRC and international. Unless expressed specifically, Decathlon official website and all the contents on Decathlon official website, including copywriting, pictures, icons, photos, videos, designs and other contents, shall be owned, held or authorized by Decathlon.

4.2 Without the permission of Decathlon official website, no one shall use, copy or use for other purposes of the trademarks of Decathlon. Other trademarks displayed on Decathlon official website are the properties of each trademark holder, without the written consent of Decathlon official website or related trademark holders, no third party shall use.

4.3 Decathlon official website and the contents of Decathlon official website shall not be used for commercial purpose. You may download or copy related contents for your personal use, but the rights and interests of these related contents do not transfer to you.

4.4 Unless the contents are attached with copyright statements, Decathlon official website is entitled to use or cooperate with others to use the user experience, discussion of products or pictures which are published by registration member on Decathlon official website, the use range includes but not limits to website, electronic magazines, magazines, publications etc., Decathlon shall indicate the author’s name which shall be subject to the name you use when you publish your articles.

4.5 Decathlon official website respects the Intellectual Property of others. If you think your intellectual property is infringed, please contact us.

Members’ Obligations and Responsibilities

1. General rules

Decathlon membership card shall be owned by card holder and shall not be transferred (whether is charged or not). Members shall use Decathlon membership card in accordance with the terms and conditions of Decathlon China and shall be responsible for your use. Your operations on Decathlon official website shall comply with the laws, regulations, ordinances of PRC and local laws and regulations.

2. Membership obligations

Members shall bear obligations including but not limited to:

  • Create only one Decathlon membership card with your name (ID card);
  • Ensure the accuracy of your information when you create your membership card;
  • Ensure the information you provide enable Decathlon to contact you (through e-mail or call) and its security and ensure such information shall only be available to yourself;
  • Agree and consent to not be responsible for the use of membership cards and exclusive discounts (such as discount coupon) by a third party who has not obtained Decathlon’s authorization;
  • Inform Decathlon according to Clause 7 in Privacy Policy when your membership card is used without any authorization or the confidence and security are damaged.

3. Criminal liability

Members shall understand, the use of other’s ID or fraud may lead to criminal liability, on such circumstance Decathlon may perform as follows:

  • Frozen Decathlon membership card;
  • Terminate or suspend membership card project;
  • Royalty points accumulated by violating terms and conditions shall be cancelled without payment and compensation which equals to the total amount for the violation use of discount coupons shall be paid to Decathlon;
  • Decathlon may file criminal and/or civil suit against members.


  1. Decathlon will try best to ensure our members enjoy all the services related with membership card. However, on the circumstances that royalty points are suspended to be calculated, discount coupons are suspended to be delivered and the occurrence of special circumstances or force majeure which leads that Decathlon cannot perform its responsibilities, Decathlon shall not be responsible to any loss of members.
  2. Unless expressed specifically in written documents or required by the laws and regulations of PRC, Decathlon does not commit any ostensive or implied guarantee, including but not limited to the implied guarantee for suit to sell and satisfy specific purpose. Decathlon does not guarantee that all the information, contents, materials, products (including software) and service on or contained in or provided to you in other ways by Decathlon official website do not have any virus or any harm. You hereby agree that you will bear such risks for the use of Decathlon official website.
  3. Unless expressed specifically in written documents or required by the laws and regulations of PRC, Decathlon will not bear any responsibility for the damage caused by the use of Decathlon official website, or by the information, contents, materials, products (including software) and service contained in or provided to you in other ways by Decathlon official website, or by the purchase and use of any product.
  4. Decathlon reserves the rights to amend this agreement from time to time. All the amendments will be published on related page and shall take into effect as of the publishing day. Decathlon will not inform members separately about the amendments, Decathlon shall not be responsible to the consequences due to members’ delayed knowledge of such contents for their own business.

Dispute Resolution

The execution, implementation, interpretation of this agreement and the settlement of disputes shall be governed by the laws of PRC. In the event of any disputes arising out of this agreement, Decathlon official website or stores and the registration members of Decathlon official website shall attempt to resolve such dispute through friendly consultations. In the event that such dispute is not resolved through such consultations, either party may submit the dispute for arbitration in Shanghai before CIETAC in accordance with CIETAC Arbitration Rules then in force. The provisions in this agreement are severable, if any of the provisions is arbitrated as ineffective or unenforceable; such provision shall be deleted and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of other provisions. Decathlon will try best to formulate effective agreements in similar areas to substitute the existing agreement. Either party’s forever or temporary failure to exercise any provision shall not operate as a waiver thereof. You agree, Decathlon is entitled to decide on its own need to transfer this agreement and all the agreements included to that third party where merge occurs. The titles of this agreement shall only use for reference and their range or limitation shall not be defined, limited, explained or described at any aspect.